You’ve heard the expression take a chill pill? Well,  guest Phyllis Ginsberg talks about how you can chill out without the pill. You might think that once you’re out of the rat race, you just automatically calm down. Nope. 

Phyllis is known as a Survival to Thrival Expert. Her expertise in positive psychology, brain research, and EFT Tapping, along with 30 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, give her clients an edge in making lasting, profound changes in their lives. 

From the age of 19, when she had a health scare, Phyllis developed a passion for health and well-being. She has integrated this passion into her work with her new book, "Tired and Hungry No More – Not Your Ordinary Guide to Reclaiming Your Health and Happiness." We talk stressing less…no matter where you are in life, on Keep it Juicy! 







  • Episode 77 - Stress Less with Phyllis Ginsberg29:34

​Episode 77 - Stressing Less with Phyllis Ginsberg

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